Pipe drilling machine Hebö RBV12

Manufacturer: Hebö
Type: RBV 12
Construction year: 2004
Condition: second hand
Location: Lager Mudersbach
Machine ID: 15504


Pipe drilling machine Hebö RBV12

The RBV12 pipe boring machine is
for professional demands. With their
You can get help quickly, versatilely and precisely
Pipes (up to 3”), square pipes (up to 80 x 80 mm),
T-profiles (up to 80 x 80 x 8 mm), double posts
(up to 80 x 10 mm) and flat materials (up to
80 x 10 mm) (with special mount).
The RBV12 is suitable for drilling, inclined drilling
up to 60°, flow boring, core hole drilling
and thread forming of steel, stainless steel and
other metals.
Because of their two drill heads, you can
process the profiles on one or both sides. On
Alignment of the holes is through precise
Guided tours excluded.
More information will follow, it's best to call!

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